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Update by user Apr 01, 2011

UPDATE: After emailing Lowes management, I received a return email and call from their Executive Customer Care group asking for the store location, my contact info, etc. Pretty impressive! Turns out the Store Manager\'s intent was totally miscommunicated by the Coutertop guy and we are getting together to resolve this matter to the satisfaction of all parties tomorrow. Quick, fair and adequate response.

It should be noted that:

1)this outcome had NOTHING to do with the posting on PissedConsumer

2)Beware...If you post anything here, it takes a notarized letter to remove it. Since PissConsumer has the usual password security controls, I consider this a serious flaw in the website\'s concept. There must be an ulterior motive for making it necessary to get an \"Act of Congress\" passed to correct errors on the site.

Not good.

Original review posted by user Mar 30, 2011

I'm attempting to get my home ready for sale and wanted to install new kitchen counters. I went to Lowes with drawings and figured I'd get some help from one of their "expert" staff members. The first time they were ordered, he completely disregarded my drawing and the opening for the sink was 4 feet to the right of the proper position. Had to go back and reorder. They had to credit and reprocess the whole thing. Weeks pass by.

When he reorders, you'd think he'd be extra careful to look at the the proportions of the drawing versus the linear measurements for the sink positioning. Well, he did not. So, even though the drawing proportions were right on, my mistake on the linear measurement screwed up the second order.

So, the Store Manager has now decided that, in spite of the lousy service, I can "go pound sand", say goodbye to my $700 and re-order. Well, LOWES CAN GO POUND SAND! I will not shop there again and will take every opportunity to flame them on the net and to friends/family/strangers. I'm unemployed right now and $700 could have paid my oil bill for the last 2 months.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Going to Lowes for your countertops serves you right if you get screwed. Support your local community installers not some big chain that beats up on other retailers.

First off though, a local professional countertop installer comes out and takes measurements for themselves to assure everything is right.

And then if there is a mistake they eat the cost. Smarter shopping if you ask me, even if the local guy is a 100-200 dollars more.


It'll all be resolved tomorrow at some extra cost to me, a bit of extra time for Lowes (which will be funded by my extra cost) and no cost to the consumer. That's all I was asking for all along. So, find something else to do with your extra time and save your opinions for black and white issues which you can comprehend.


What a ***. You provide wrong measurements and don't take the time to look at the drawing they provide to see that it is wrong and have the nerve to blame the store and want them to cover your error. People like you just drive prices up for everyone else.


The error the first time had nothing to do with the measurements and yes, I did give an incorrect measurement. You are missing the point.

Errors were made on both sides and all I expected was a good=faith workout. By the way, the store manager called me today and agreed, so I guess it is of no importance whether you get it or not.

I'll be reversing my position if, in fact, things work out as we discussed. you can report bck to the Lowes Cabinet department now.


You did just say you gave the wrong measurement. Right?