Delta, Ohio
Price Affordability

Bought a 31 cubic foot lg refrigerator and salesman never bothered to say that delivery guys can NOT remove doors so they damaged the new front door of my house to get it in! Never will shop at Lowes again!!!

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we can remove doors, its just fun messing peoples *** up.


and you are not capable of taking it off yourself, pop 3 pins out and you are done?!?! I can not believe how lazy and *** people are these days.


You retard, you didn't think to measure your doorway before purchasing a ridiculously big fridge? Most people will measure the exact opening so they know how big of an appliance they can get.

In other words a 30 in wide fridge won't fit into a 27in wide doorway. Come on man most of this world works off of common sense, you should try it sometime!