Today, August 1, 2011, my wife and our youngest 4 children went to Lowes on 130th Avenue in Calgary to purchase a chest freezer, and they were out of stock. Thye called the store off of 16 Ave NE and said that they had 2 of the 8.8 cu ft chest freezers in stock, but could not put a hold on it as that was against store policy since it wastes their time to have consumers show up.

The clerk assured us that teh other clerk at the 16th Ave store had visually confirmed the freezer being at the store though and if we hurried we would be able to get it especially as it was a holiday. We said we had been in this sitution before and that we did wnat our time wasted driving some 20 plus kilometers to find it would not be there. He reassured us again it was visully accounted for. We drove to the store only to find that after half an hour of standing around for them to look at for it in the warehouse, that indeed it was not there.

I inquired about a larger and more expensive freezer for over $500, and they looked for that one, and said it would be available on August 8. I went away empty handed and disappointed that yet again I had been dragged around and abused by the big box store people. Apologies were offered by the store clerk but that does nothing for my 2 hours of time, wasted gas, and general frustration and a really poor company policy of Lowe's ...they absolutley gaurantee nothing, and I will try to not shop there again.

Not that I have ever had better success at Home Depot who said they could special order a freezer for me across the street from Lowe's. Useless companies, that need a good look at their policies and procedures!!!

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