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My wife checked at Lowes on the availability of an extension for a 21" sun tunnel and was told by that they were a special order item. She wanted to check with me before she ordered and was told that the order could be called in when she got home.

Subsequently, I called the store to order the item and was told that Ken in millwork would call me within 1/2 hour to get all the pertinent info so that the extension could be ordered. This was about noon on May 1st (Saturday).

On Sunday at about 9 AM I called Lowes and was told that the gentleman who was supposed to have called me would be at work at 1 PM. The person that I was talking to at that point took all the information needed to order the item and said that it was taken care of and I would be called when the item came in.

I then talked to a store manager to see if he could find out why I had not been called the previous day. Some time after 1 PM when Ken came to work and called me to apologize for the missed communication and said he had mistakenly missdialed my number twice and left a message both times. Out of curiosity, I called the number that he said he had dialed and left the messages. The number was not even in service. I then again called the store manager to pass that bit of info on. I guess Ken lied to both he and I. The manager, of course has not had the courtesy or the guts to call about this situation. kbsj

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May I ask what number you were told to call? As a former employee of this Company, your answer could prove interesting.

Take my advice....ignore the people on here who leave crude comments instead of discussing the true issues.

After six years of service, I got tired of the 'Management by Belittling' manner in which the Company chooses to utilize.

This comment is for Bighorn only. Good Luck!



Do you have anything to do besides critizie people and be rude and condencending?


maybe you gave the wrong number. Honestly you should go over your phone number with a parent memorize it.

What if you got lost and you gave the wrong phone number to the police officer helping you. Remember the stranger safety rule only go to police officer, store personnal, parents with children for help.

Did this really happen or are you just trying to get Ken fired because he slept with your wife.