Saint Louis, Missouri
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We went to Lowes in Dyersburg, they didn't have enough floor tiles in the pattern we picked. They called the store in Union City.

They had plenty. The caller, Marie, said they had plenty and would hold them till closing that night. We arrived at that store at 4:00 pm. All the tiles they had were setting on the shelf.

They acted as if they knew nothing about the phone call. They sent no one to help us. We went and got a buggy and loaded 11 boxes of tile,paid, took it to our car and loaded them into the car. We are two older ladies.

I think someone should have offered help. I think they should not tell people they will hold something and then not. If someone came and bought the tiles, our 78 mile trip would have been wasted.

I will be shopping else where from now on.

Monetary Loss: $354.

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Ok... here is what you do...

go buy a tape recorder... (a good one) and when you make huge purchases or um maybe (have convos with the hr) and they say things that aren't ethical and threaten or lie... its all on tape...

unfortunately you can't use it in court but you can on YOUTUBE!!! :)

hiding it in court hush money or just telling the public that keeps them open on....


If you shop at Lowes you should not have to ask for help - if you work there it is your job to approach customers and offer help! No wonder they had that *** campaign with the "Ask me" buttons - what are you too busy talking to another associate to see that two older ladies needed help?

Get out of retail with that attitude. Maybe you could be a prison guard instead.


Sounds like 1) Marie was presumptous and or ill informed - they should have offered to sell you the tiles over the phone then there would be no question. There is no holding because so many people never come to get their held items.

2) poor morale due to understaffing or poor mgt. - how could no one offer to help?

That is really sad. Better luck next time.


I think they were pissed at Union City store. Sounds like "marie" called from Dyersburg location to Union City location for the customer.


the problem is if we hold stuff for customers we would have nothing on the shelf, we have people ask you to hold stuff over the phone and never come in and buy it and we have no place to hold all this stuff, luckly they had the tile, and you should of asked if you didnt help loading were not mind readers


I am sorry you feel this way about Lowe's in Dyersburg. I understand your anger.

I don't see how you will let one incident stop you from returning. I can tell you have never worked in retail, or you would have much more understanding. As a tip for next time in any retail store, just seek help from an employee, had you ask for assistance you would have been catered to. As far as holding an order, it is against store policy.

And as always THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING AT LOWE'S! Have a great day.