Tampa, Florida
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Diversity of Products or Services

Some guy at lowes said we could buy Loctite fast grab premium to put up a mirror. It wasn't working right and so we called back and we were told we could bring it in to return it.

I called again to get the name of the person and couldn't and alady on phone was rude to me and said we couldnt return it after the confusion we were told we could. It was only $5 but still remember to always get the name of the person who said it.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Its from paris, TN. I don't like the employees being rude and lying to me


You are dealing with a large company with employees who have problems tying their shoes in the morning, much less actually knowing anything except how to text messages on a cell phone. I have always had good luck using contact cement for mirrors, as long as you do it carefully and slowly.

The new polyurethane cements work well also, but contact cement will instantly bond, tho once again, do it carefully, as once the two surfaces come into contact, they will instantly bond together. Or, you could hold a picture of a politician up to the mirror and once it breaks, just buy a new one.