Ormond Beach, Florida
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At Lowes in Ormond beach Florida not the first time waiting for help. This time way too long aisle 5 waited 18 minutes.

Going to home depot at least the wait is 3 to 5 minutes. And the employees don't sigh when they see you.

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I apologize for the poor customer service by some of my fellow employees. It doesn't make it okay, but there are several reasons for it.

First, Lowe's gives an employee very little training before they put them out in their department. Second, Lowe's advertises it's associates are "experts", when very few actually are. Third, some customers get very rude and nasty when an associate who is advertised as an "expert", but often isn't, doesn't know everything about a product or service off the top of his or her head, even when the employee tries to assist the customer by looking up the information. A customer called me "useless" while I was trying to look up the information he requested, apparently angry I couldn't answer all his questions instantly.

The majority of customers are polite and respectful, unfortunately some employees let the few rude ones make them jaded and unpleasant to all customers. This is sad but, unfortunately often true.

A few things that might help make your shopping experience a little easier

1. Have a specific product in mind before you come to shop, if possible. If you can get an item number off of Lowe's.com, even better, it makes it quick and easy to locate your product for you.


Remember many Lowe's employee's are not experts in their departments, before you ask for advice and not just a product, ask how much the employee actually knows about the subject, and be polite and understanding if they give you an honest answer you don't want to hear, isn't it better then lying to you and possibly costing you more money with bad advice?

3. Though many employees aren't experts, some do try to educate themselves about their departments as best they can, if you can do a little homework on your product or what you want to know before you come in, maybe meet us halfway, it helps us help you. If we don't know the answer, but try to look it up be patient. I've had great experiences where customers were understanding when I had to look something up, I found what they needed, they thanked me and I thanked them for shopping at Lowes.

I've also had customers stomp off just a few seconds before I manage to find the information they ask for. As CSA's we're supposed to be patient and polite, yes, you as the customer don't have to be, but keep in mind being corteous might help you get what you want quicker.