Christiansburg, Virginia

Lowes is by far the worst place to work for. My managers would talk trash behind workers backs and be a smart *** to workers they did not like.

They spend so much time watching workers on cameras then caring about customers. Most managers have no degree whatsoever, hence do not know the correct way to communicate in a professional manner. Its very sad to see what Lowes is doing hiring within, their getting uneducated bosses who know nothing but to try to act intimidating and scary to fellow employees. My boss would never even take a second to say hi to employees and stare at that ground when walking past him.

My boss would also use slander against employees, use the buddy system for favorites.

This may not be the case at other stores but it is at 447 Christiansburg Va. What a shame, I am quitting because of suck immature childish behavior by adults who act like kids.

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Brevard, North Carolina, United States #675588

The same holds true for all the Lowes in WNC....they all suck to work for, unless you are a pretty girl or are young then you will get fast-tracked to a cushy job.


I feel your pain. I had the same experience at a Lowes here in Georgia.

Inbred rednecks who don't know how to do their jobs. God forbid they have the title Zone manager or Sales manager...its a powertrip for them. I reported them to the EEOC.

Lowes doesn't like that. They don't like to look bad...oh well

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