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Today we had to pick out items for our new kitchen remodel and had to take our 5 lb toy poodle with us because of the contractors in the house. It was a sub zero day so we couldn't very well leave the dog in the car, and instead carried him into our neighborhood Lowes.

However, when we asked for help back in the appliance department, the employee told us it was company policy that no pets are allowed. I asked to speak to the store manager to see if we could get "special dispensation" given the circumstances, but the answer was still no. So, we left. Our dog got lots of love and attention in the other 7 stores we went to and by the end of the day, we had spent $4800 in appliances, $3600 in a countertop, and $400 in tile, and $100 in paint and supplies, all of which we probably would have bought at Lowes.

But, the sad part is that because of their inflexibility in dealing with our needs, I am sure that is exactly how they do business in other aspects as well.

So, they've lost our business forever. Lesson learned for both of us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Be aware of your customer's individual needs.

Lowes Pros: Product.

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MizMolly, ALL Lowe's have posted on the front door as you enter "NO PETS ALLOWED. SERVICE SOGS ONLY." The fact you think pets are "welcomed" in Jacksonville means no one is enforcing the rule. When I see a dog in a cart where I work, I walk the other way.


Pets are welcome at Lowes in Jacksonville, Arkansas


While I'm a pet lover, honestly, I would never take my pet in the car on a subzero day. That is irresponsible to your pet's life; what if your car broke down and you were stuck unable to warm your little dog?

It was not an emergency so you could have put off shopping for your remodel items another day with there weren't any contractors in your house. Or, one of you could have stayed home with your pet, or you could have hired a pet sitter, or left your pet with another family member.

But to take your small 5 lb dog out with you in the car in subzero weather where exposure to the cold and death were real risks if your car broke down or you had an accident, etc, is selfish, thoughtless to your dog's safety. I say you are acting spoiled to think because you came in to spend money all the rules had to be changed for you, and you show disregard for the safety of your little dog to even take your dog out of the safety of a house and on the road in the uncertainty of a car ride in subzero weather!

Dogs have frozen to death before in warmer temperatures than you state, by being left outside to go to relieve themselves without supervision. Selfish, spoiled and thoughtless dog owners. So let me get this: every time someone is going to buy whole set of appliances or room renovations, they have the right to go against store policies and bring in their pets to any store, and then leave insulted when they are told it is not allowed?

If your dog was a service animal you would have the right; but you weren't born yesterday and it is well known that many stores have a 'no animal' policy.

But the worse thing about your complaint here is to learn you thought nothing about the safety and wellfare of your small dog, because if you did, you would know exposure to subzero through getting stranded in a car is more threatening to a small teacup-size dog than being in the safety of a house.

You could have locked your dog in a room where the contracters don't go, o rone of you stay home and communicate to each other by cell about your renovation purchases one from the store, and one staying at home with your dog, or any of the other things I wrote, but no, you wanted to risk your dog's life, somehow making it seem smarter than leaving your dog at home or with someone else you trust. If you have $$ to remodel, you sure could've put a little bit aside to pay for a pet sitter than lug your pet into sub zero weather and put it at risk to frostbite or death from freezing.


Stop taking your dog to the store. There is a reason no pets are allowed in certain stores.


Where did you get the notion that Lowe's was a pet store? It's called Lowe's Home Improvement, not Lowe's pet supplies.


Glad to see on of the Lowe's has the balls to enforce the sign on the front door "NO PETS ALLOWED"