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I bought a Whirlpool side by side four and a half years a go. Still "supposed to have a warranty".This appliance has a meat bin in the freezer that is to narrow for the rails and when you try to pull it out it drops off one rail.I know you're thinking why now are you doing something about this problem.Truth is its a situation that only requires using the pull out the drawer two or thre times in four years to clean it.But the main thing is its still under warranty.I've been jaw boning Lowes and that half a**s company that handles their warranty coverage(Sevice Advantage) They're telling me that its a cosmetic issue.I talked to Whirlpool about this and its to late for them to do anything(whatever happened to goodwill service).They also told me its a cosmetic thing.The lady also told me its a common practice for appliance dealers to steal parts from one refrigerator to go on another one.Lowes warranty sucks.

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That is an original QC issue. Probably could have gotten Whirlpool to send you another drawer close to the purchase date.

But this is not a functional (electrical, electronic,mechanical) issue so your warranty company has nothing to do with it.

There's no violation of the service contract here. Rig up something yourself to make a better fit.


well if it's been that many years it is kind of *** to complain about it now after using the product for four and a half years, I'd say get over it.


My recommendation is to speak with a manager at the store where you purchased the refrigerator. Suggest this alternative: ask if the store will reimburse you if you order the correct drawer for the refrigerator. I suggest this because you seem to imply that you think the drawer in yours isn't the correct one for your model refrigerator.

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