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Was riding into the store parking lot today and there were about 6 manager type employees walking right down the middle of the road in the parking lot like no one else mattered. I was on my motorcycle on my side of the road and no body moved!. they just kept walkin!. There was a guy and a girl that got real close to my bike like they owned the place. I am a local customer and go there all the time. Couldn't wat for the store to open and now I don';t really care for many reasons. This happened today at 4:30pm. Must have had a meeting about that store. Anyway, somebody needs to pay attention
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Most big retailers are this way unfortunately. Walmart is the worst.

I've had mornings when i couldn't get in the door because employees coming to work were walking so slow and blocking the entire door way. It has to do with the mindset of the majority of retail employees that they are entitled to a job and the paycheck that comes with it.

They don't give a {{redacted}}*** for the customers. Unfortunately this will continue as long as millions of people flock to them every day.


Yes, that’s the way it is. In order the keep the prices cheap, which we Americans love so much, they have to cut hire cheap labor.

Half of the employees lack social skills and common manners. Although, most of the customers are downright rude, disrespectful and sometimes vulgar.

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Lowes Manager
  • There were a lot of employees standing around
  • Tend not to have what i need
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managers/ employees walking down the middle of the road!
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Let the company propose a solution
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