Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

I worked at Lowes in Hanover Pa. and I discovered what the Manager was doing and I caught the man picking up the appliances that Lowes said were damaged.

Most were all Ok and this other company sold the appliances. I also caught another employee stealing items out thru the dumpster and another person picked up the items and put them i his truck. I gave Corey Becker the tag number but he did not do nothing.

I guit working for Lowes due to the crooks not doing the right thing and contacted Lowes and they also did nothing. I hate Lowes for what they did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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You're an ***. I work at the Lowes in Hanover and I have never heard of anything "crooked" being done by any of the managers.

I've been there more than 3 years. Corey's pretty cool and he's done his job better than most would as far as I have seen.


Corey is a great manager. He's also good in.........well you know! Leave him alone!


retailer4life suggested to contact the district manager, from what I understand that was already done. Angie Culbert, titled District Manager, but has no clue what she is doing, was informed of this and did nothing. See that is the store she came from.......


Could these appliances you are speaking of be the old units from customers and the defective RTM'd units the store places outside of the store? Most stores DO have an outside company come get them and YES they do get paid for them by this company.

Before you post things, know your facts. And why would you quit because you thought the store mgr was stealing?

Sounds like you are a classic case of a poor employee that got fired trying to bad mouth a store mgr and his former employee. Have fun on welfare.


This needs to be forwarded to CEO Robert Niblock with the offenders names, job titles, and all immediately! You can also forward this to your district manager and regional president/vice-president. I would also post it in the local newspaper if you are certain you have the incidents, actions, and those involved correctly identified.