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the maanagers at the lowes in lima ohio are probably the most laziest managers ive ever seen. i waited about 20 mins to get loaded while a manager sent for others to help, why couldnt he help?!?!!?!?

instead of helping the employee with loading the rocks i waited around for him to find other people. this is not how a manger should act. you lead by example. i dont know if he was worried about breaking a nail or getting his pretty shirt dirty.

locating other employees at that time was not neccessary considering the task on hand was not difficult. Stay clear of the lowes in lima and CURT the outside lawn and garden manager!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $168.

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well I just called there to get advice and talked to a female mgr and she acted like a was a waste of her time cuz I wanted to talk to a CASHIER WHO WAS VERY HELPFUL and she wouldn't leave a message for him or anything. I am disabled and he was giving me helpful advice and she was just sighing and giving me reasons why she can't give him a "MESSAGE" to contact a happy appreciative customer

I am disabled and am a cat lover and have to return some useless bug spray and wanted to speak to this helpful man about something he suggested and asked if they carried and they only have the kind I can't use but she STILL GAVE me the item # of THIS product I obviously have NO INTEREST in buying!!


big ben

i agree with the last comment


I've had an issue with the same manager at this store. He always stands around and seems to not care about anyone other than himself. The worst part is he is not the outside lawn and garden manager, he is an assistant store manager at the store. Shows what kind of management they hire. Curt should have helped you load your purchase and not just wait till another associate came to help. If I have to go into that store I make sure to avoid him at all costs.

To "Lowes Hardware", a customer shouldn't have to load their own purchase if they request for help. Your statement shows the lack of care for customers at any Lowes. What if the person who submitted this couldn't bring anyone with them at the time? What if they were going to buy the rocks and then find someone later to help them but they had no choice?

Let's ignore that they bought rocks. Let's imagine they purchased a grill. I was told that to have a grill delivered I would have to pay an additional 69 dollars at the store. that is quite a bit of money especially if someone has a vehicle to haul the grill. Most people cannot lift a grill on their own and shouldn't have to. Are you saying that this customer would have to lift the grill on their own instead or else not buy one? This just disgusts me.


I used to work at that lowes and i know for a fact that everyone there is lazy and treat their employees poorly. And the fact that Lowes says that they pride themselves in customer service..yet "lowes hardware" makes a comment like this. They must be proud to have someone working there that attacks their customers verbally outside of their workplace.


If the task at hand was not difficult, as you say, why didn't you just do it yourself? And if you say you have a medical problem or such..my next question is why would you go to a store and buy something you couldn't handle?

how do you get them out when you get home.....oh..you have help at home? Why couldn't that person go with you?