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I bought a washing machine from lowes in bricktown nj. Went to do a wash and it didn't work.

Called the company a couple days later and the told me I had to have it repaired. After 30 phone calls to the appliance manager, store manager, corporate office I've had repairmen to my house three times in 75 days the machine still doesn't work and they won't honor a return policy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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To the anonymous reply to the washing machine review, how would you know if her machine works or not? Were you the repairman to her machine?

Either way, we all know when a product works or does not. It does not take an engineer to know if your clothes are getting washed or not. Lowes is infamous for selling *** and not honoring their policies.

I am in a dispute with them right now. I will be going through a No lemon lawyer to get my case resolved because it is a consumer fraud issue that needs to be dealt with.


You don't say anything about what the problem is. Many people who are used to the way their old machine worked don't understand the new machines work differently.

They may take 5 minutes or more to fill with water as the machine is sensing the proper of level of water and keeps adding more. The water may not fully cover you load in the new machines, it doesn't have to.

The new machines take longer to wash a load than the old machines do. There is nothing wrong with the machine, it just works differently than the old one.