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Hi my name is dallas lewis i worked for lowes at 1671 i returned to work after burrying my mother an i also fell an got hurt thst day before i could find a manager to tell them i was fired for a vest incident that happened a month ago an it wasnt my fault because 4 other employees saw a manager getting my vest from my locker an all of this happened the day after i burried my mom the mangers joe daft an joe stroud have no compasion for there employees an would not answer my question on why an the reason after at the time of the vest i was giving a vebral warring

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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This is a long run-on sentence with poor grammar and poor punctuation.

OP, exactly what do you want Lowe's to do about your complaint?


Thanks for pointing out the obvious. We'll all rest easy now that you have brought this to our attention.