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Don't even buy light bulbs from them! My husband and I started a whole house remodel at Lowes.

After having to constantly seek out help in each department and being extremely rudely spoken to in the aisles , when we stopped two male employees gabbing to ask for assistance in calculating how much flooring materials we will need to purchase (carpeting, laminate and tiles, ( one lost his attitude when he realized we were talking about an ENTIRE house), but then off we go to pick out a new front door and was told the woman in that department was "all alone and too busy" to have a door sent to the front for us, mind you there were NO customers in sight in either department, I finally went to seek out a manager. He apologized profusely and walked around assisting us in purchasing some other items ( bathroom vanities , lighting , fans, ) and we set up an appointment for a window consultation. We were going to have them do our kitchen as well, until we were waiting for our original items to be delivered and when the two weeks turned into three and they delivered us a damaged master bathroom vanity that was the last straw ! All of the items have been returned and we will NEVER shop Lowe's again!

It really is a shame that it took them for them to provide any sort of customer service the realization that we were spending $30,000.00 on a remodel before they thought we were worthy of their time.

What about if we just wanted to by new plants for our garden ??? Ridiculous !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I din't work a Lowes but do work in the industry. I hope your attitude in the store wasn't the "I'm spending a lot of money, so you had better drop what you are doing and help me" attitude.

You have to realize you aren't the only person in the store. Let me give you an example. As a department manager I had a salesperson who was working with a customer ask my new assistant if a product was available. He wasn't sure and they came to me to ask the question.

As I was telling them how to get this product a customer walked by and assumed we were all shooting the breeze and complained to the store manager that we weren't helping them. It may have looked like we were standing around talking but in the 5 minutes it took to explain how to order the item both my assistant and salesperson learned how to order this product and made a $7500.00 sale. Your expectation of the only sales person in a department to push a cart (that you are just as able to push) to the front of the store leaving the department without anyone to assist others is just as rude to other customers. Not only that, you have a cart sitting in the way at the front of the store while you shop.

You may not have seen any other customers but that doesn't mean they weren't there. I will often be working with a customer and have to go to the sales desk and look up product in a catalog or on the computer for a customer while they continue to look at a product.

It looks like I am alone at the desk but I am actually doing research for a customer aisles away. Try a job in retail for awhile and you may not be so quick to judge.


WOW ....where to start??? I have a HORRIBLE experience at LOWE'S and you want to blame me ???


I didn't even mention that when we picked out a certain tile after the rude guy who was busy talking to the other employee about his fishing trip the previous day finally decided he would help us when I so very politely asked " excuse me gentleman., would one of you give us a hand when you have a moment please?" ( I didn't just come out of the woods yesterday and I can conduct myself in public socially) But when he finally broke off his "tall tale" and came to help us, he calculated how much flooring we needed and then when my husband was loading the super heavy tile boxes by himself (and there was NO offer to help load them) found out that there wasn't enough tile to do the job on their shelves I went to seek out the fisherman/Lowe's employee who was sweeping an aisle and again I so VERY politely said "when you are finished sweeping would you please find out if you have more of this tile (and I showed him the sample piece that we wanted to purchase ) in stock , " And he visibly sighed and said "sure, I know we have several palates in the back but I'm gonna have to "find" a forklift to get it down and someone to spot me, it could take a couple of hours," and when I smiled and said "THANKS, that would be great ! ( even though I really didn't need a lesson on their restocking polices and procedures) . I went on to tell him that we have to visit every department they have and we would most certainly be there for a couple of more hours. So he proceeds to ask me, " oh btw, what type of sub flooring are you putting this tile over?" And when I said "it's a stilt home and it's the upper floor which the sub floor is wood," he said "well let me show you ALL the things you will need to put tile over wood, it gets pretty expensive, " I replied "great.

, let's go over to where my husband is at so you can explain it to him, although my husband already knew what else besides the tile we needed to buy , but I was beginning to be floored by this guy's non sales attitude and wanted my husband to figure out what was going on, besides it being painfully apparent the Lowe's employee would much rather be fishing or anything else really, other than assisting a Lowe's customer. So he tells my husband and we say okay, thanks we will "add" those items to our list, will you please grab us 4 more boxes of that tile when you work out the logistics of it all. He started to walk away from us but then turned and said "well I want to make sure you both realize WE (and I assume since him and us were the only ones in the aisle and the only ones in the conversation that he meant LOWE'S. , "do not recommend putting tile over wood." So at that point I am beyond being floored, just downright perplexed.

THAT is not a policy of Lowe's , that is a policy of the fisherman pretending to be a Lowe's employee all the while collecting a Lowe's paycheck. So we say "well then cancel pulling more tile out of the inventory for us, we will have to figure out what other type of flooring we are going to do" and he very quickly replied "okay" and walked away. ( update: we bought floor tile and the necessary items to put it over wood at HOME DEPOT and it turned out GORGEOUS! !!) So back to YOUR comment.

.....I know I am NOT royalty nor was I born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I have worked VERY hard for what I have. I HAVE worked in retail, then opened my own business, built up my clientele with EXCELLENT customer service and then sold my interior design business for a very nice profit when I decided to go to nursing school. I also have wanted to design homes since I was a small child, so when the opportunity presented to start "flipping" houses I jumped at it.

But with the miserable experience with Lowe's. , it almost killed that desire, as I was thinking there is NO way I am going to have to struggle with lazy people just to spend money to rehab houses, I DON'T want to do that! Thankfully we found that ALL other stores we visited to finish our first project the employees were beyond helpful and acted as if they were glad we were there. A LITTLE customer service goes a LONG way.

Lastly, we NEVER had the "arrogance " that because we were planning on spending a lot of money there that they should cater to us, remember I was more than willing to wait while he finished talking fish with his buddy and while he swept the floor to get the things I needed, nor did we say, "hey we have a lot of money you better rush over here and help us (smh) and while their manager lacks most every aspect of a good manager he did have enough common sense after seeing our list of items we were purchasing that we were spending a lot of money, so he smiled and tried to make nice only to end up proving Lowe's has ZERO customer service when it came to us.

I hope you don't have the same experience so, I would recommend NOT shopping at Lowe's.


I have to add a little more because I reread your VERY snide comment...and let me tell you that ALL you made were EXCUSES for lousy customer service. Any and ALL training should be done OFF of the sales floor so there is NO perception that you are standing around gossiping and if it is URGENT ( which considering this IS retail and NOT an EMERGENCY ROOM, urgent is highly unlikely, so take the training behind closed doors., but if you HAVE to do it in front of a waiting customer than for goodness sake, ADDRESS THE WAITING CUSTOMER.

Let ME give YOU an example, while smiling say,"hey folks nice to see you today, I will be with you in just a minute , as soon as I help my associate locate an item." I PROMISE you NO complaint would have been made, that very small acknowledgement would have appeased your OTHER CUSTOMER and they would have been more than fine waiting ! Also we aren't *** we can and DID locate a cart to fill up, but the leaded front door was high on an upper shelf so we had no access to it even if it wasn't too heavy for my husband to lift himself. We needed them to take it down. So instead of listening to another speal of the logistics of how they took heavy items off of a shelf, we ever so politely asked the woman in the door department if when she had time to send up that door to the front so we could purchase it after we finished shopping in the other departments.

She told us she was the "ONLY" person working and she wasn't sure she would have the time ! That is probably the most ABSURD thing anyone could say in sales. Let me give you another example since you are so fond of them.....have you ever shopped at Publix ? They have the BEST customer service in the grocery business.

While I am quite certain the 6'4" 200 lbs 20 something guy in line in front of me can load his groceries into his car by himself...they ALWAYS ask "would you like help taking this out to your car?" THAT is why people are willing to pay slightly higher prices than other grocers, well that and their store cleanliness, which is ALSO related to THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. Something apparently you and Lowe's do not .


Your arguing with a hired gun. I would recommend to just buy elsewhere as opposed to putting up with their ***. Sooner or later they will get the message, hopefully when they are in receivership.


Thanks for the advice and yes I will never buy anything from them again. And yeah after seeing "Anonymous" all over the boards attacking the original posters I figured he/she/it is being paid by Lowe's to squelch people from complaining about them, instead of fixing the real issue.

Way to waste money Lowes....just making it even clearer you don't care at all about your customers when you pay this rude *** to publicly bully your customers !!!

Receivership it will be !!!

Smh @ all of you


Did you speak to the Assistant Store Manager or Store Manager?


Meee, I know my post was long winded but midway through my second "paragraph" I said we sought out a manager. He lied to us about when our items would be delivered and after reflecting on the entire disastrous experience I realized that the management at Lowes HAS to be to blame.

A manager's staff is going to be a direct representation of his or herself. So to be direct, a managers staff is going to be as awesome as the manager or as horrible as apparently he is.


I doubt he lied about the delivery date. I expect some of your items were ordered and he quoted the expected delivery time supplied by the vendor of the product.

Unfortunately there are many things that can cause a delay.

Backorders, dock strikes, a truck breaks down, whether delays and the list goes on. If time is critical only buy items in stock and take them with you.


Well your post makes sense, and ALL of those reasons would be totally acceptable . But considering the fact that Lowe's never called to tell us they weren't coming to deliver our items on the day he stated and i had to call them the next day to say "hey we sat here all day waiting on your delivery truck and it never showed w, what happened?" speaks volumes of their customer service.....ZERO !

Also considering he gave us a delivery date that was two WEEKS out and then the delivery didn't happen...THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF A LIE !