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I have worked for lowes for over 10 years 5 of which are as a salaried manager.

The only reason I stay is for health insurance. The company is so big that Niblock doesn't know or care how people are treated in the store.

My store manager makes me work well past the 48 hour work week. Calls me on my days off all of the time, retaliates against me if I take vacation day's, example I took one vacation day to have three days off he changed my opening shift to a closing one and told me that I need to stay 3 hours past that. Now on Christmas Eve he said I have to stay til 8 pm.

He constantly takes your only weekend away from you, yet he ALWAYS gets his weekends off and never stays late.

I'm mentally exhausted.

I've been at this store 5 months and have brought in significant new pro business ( good family reputation going back to 1940's in this county) so people/ contractors trust my name. 5 months ago pro was -6% now I'm +2.5%. Yet I'm treated like a second class citizen.

It's a "boys" club. Yet I'm a woman bringing in the dough.

My other compliant is my peers the sit in the ASM office, and treat employees badly. Denying their vacation because they don't like them, and our HR Manager, she comes in late leaves early and makes faces behind associates.

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Welcome to big box retail. A big part of your problem is taking a salaried position.

It doesn't cost them any more payroll to tack on hours to your 48. It helps their bottom line rather than paying a part time or full time employee to work more.

You will find your boy's club is not so much of a boy's club as a who's been around taking abuse the longest and is now treating their employees the way they were treated. You're the new kid on the block if you've only been there 5 months.

to Anonymous Silverado, California, United States #918080

5 years as Asm almost 6 but 12 with the company. No new kid here.

to Zen68 #918084

If I am to believe your post it says you have been at the store for 5 months. You may have work for Lowes for 12 years but at this store you are the new kid on the block and have to prove yourself all over again.

to Anonymous Silverado, California, United States #918547

I get having to prove my self but that doesn't excuse these peoples behavior. Or treating people the way they do.

I would love to see undercover boss come in. It would make Niblock sick.

My last store I was in for 4 years and was treated similar.

Proving yourself doesn't mean people get to treat you like ***, it means you give results and do your job.

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