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Lowes in Marana Az is where we spent well over 10,000 dollars for a custom door order.

We have experienced many problems, including many missed delivery dates, missing doors, wrong hinge colors, regular vs. solid core door delivery, and finally the fact that a manager has approved a corrective measure (in person at our home) that involves removing the doors that are substandard and not what we ordered, and replacing them with the quality that we did order and have previously paid for. That decision has been trumped by some other management team who insists on coming to our home, regardless of the fact that we have had more then 10 lowes employees at our home and have been patient for over a year and a half.

We do not know where to go, beyond a legal approach.... be very careful placing your trust in projects and assistance from Lowes in Marana. The management can not be tructed, it is like pulling teeth to even get your phone call returned.

I could list names, however I will refrain until which time it is neccesary... as we actually have a 10th or 11th meeting at our home for the latest management team to actually act as though they care.

I anticipate they will show up and just fail to to any follow up, the prior several contacts, verbally, in person, and in writing do not exist in any type of file at Lowes. SCARY!!!!

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It is also amusing that everyone complaining spent exactly $10,000.00. If this were true and not an exaggeration to make your story better, Lowes would beat out Microsoft in yearly sales and keep the stock exchange always heading up.


While all of your problems are very frustrating to you and your family, don't be so quick to lay all the blame on Lowes. With the wrong doors, incorrect hinges, etc.

that is more than likely the company that made the doors mistake, not Lowes. As far as the consumer with the "countertop they ordered 10 inches too short," this is entirely your fault because you didn't pay attention to the drawings given to you or reading the contract before you paid or signed anything. You are shown the plans that have the measurements and have to initial and sign that they are correct, which you did or the order would not have been placed.

Remember when you start pointing fingers that three are pointing back at you. Don't blame others for your own mistakes and incompetence.


We had a nightmare with Lowes but fortunately my husband was persistent. We had laminate wood flooring installed across 1200 sq feet.

The install was awful, delays- shady workers who smelled like they'd just left a bar... They put a quarter round around the edge, which we never discussed. I looked terrible, not like I'd spent 10k! After 15 months of fighting, and learning they'd fired the company they had subcontracted to, they made good.

Lowes came out and tiled the entire area,at no additional cost to us. We did, however have visits from district managers and you name it.... I'd say- let them all come.

If its messed up, make everyone see it... nd get your money back or the situation fixed!


The reason the one manager has trumped the other, may have to do with you having so many employees in the home off and on. It's a little known fact, but repeat complainers get added to this informal list, and are watched VERY closely.

If for example, you have one problem and complain, it gets fixed. Two, they're ok with. But if it happens every time you order something, then the store starts thinking something is fishy. So what happens then, is they investigate all claims by the customer; even going so far as to have district managers and store managers head out to inspect for themselves.

By saying they wanted to send someone out, what the store was doing was testing you. If, for example, you were scamming the company; then the first thing you would do would be to refuse this. Since it wouldn't make sense to get caught doing something wrong. I think, in this case, you're better off just washing your hands of it entirely and moving onto another company.

However, I'd also say be careful.

Even if Home Depot finds out you've had repeat problems at Lowe's, they too could be a bit leery of the business, fearing you would do the same with them.

In short, it's a repeat of the old Shakespeare adage "Methinks they doth complain too much." Or, someone is guilty of something if they complain too much. In your case, you've not done anything wrong, but you have left the store thinking you're up to no good.


having very simular problems with the store on oracle. Our problem is with a countertop that they ordered ten inches to short.

Somehow they are trying to make it our responsibility and of course our file is also missing.

Please keep us updated on your situation. I would really like to know what kind of action you take