Benson, North Carolina
Not resolved

My washing machine was putting holes in my clothes or so i suspected,many time the ,machine had a buch of problems,but i went on you tube and was able to fix some problems,not my clothes being destroyed,2 day ago i decided to wash all my items in heavy

Load, my most precious items,my prayer blanket and a lot of important items ,i wear every day,the washing machine was loaded and i left the laundry room, in the morning i tried to open the door i tried all the obvious things like check the breaker,outlets,it was definitely tne washer, my clothes are still in the dryer,because, apparently my warranty i purchased they cant find with my phone number,really,how convenient im so discusted,sincerely

Product or Service Mentioned: Maytag Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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No receipt?You are out of luck!and a whiney!


Didn't you keep a copy of your receipt and warranty?