Reston, Virginia

First of all, I am so pissed off at Lowe's in Louisville, Ky. right now!

Don't ever buy carpet from a box store...ever!!! You might think you are saving a bundle but, trust's not worth the hassle of the incompitant people Lowe's contracts out to install the carpet. I really believe that my 2 yr old could have done a better job measuring the carpet rather than the "carpet installer" His measurements were soo way off that they weren't able to install my carpet after 5 weeks of waiting! We ended up waiting another week to get the extra carpet ordered and installed.

In the mean time, we had to basically live around the mess of my house which was torn completely upside down (my husband had moved all the furniture) When they did install the carpet, they took more smoke breaks than anything. Such lazy-***! They also booked it out of the house as soon as it was laid, leaving us to clean up their mess! They didn't even sweep the carpet remnants or moving anything back to the rooms like they were being paid to do!

Lowe's needs to be a little pickier on who they hire to represent their company!

I will NEVER buy anything from their AGAIN!!!

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:) Correction:

Lowe's Hire's General Contractor's.

( Certified Installers )

Ray Installer Mill work's

Brighton, Co 80601


:) Correction:

Lowe's Hires Certified

General Contractors!

The Home Depot hires a General Contractor, he hire's ( Sub-Contractors!


Certified Installer



dont take it out on lowes, look they have a instalation garantee if your not happy then save your breath for the manager not the forums, i instal for lowes as a carpet installer, if your not happy,they will take care of it. Look it doesnt matter were you go you'll have problems every were. sorry it is hard for me to be everywere all the time


Jeff Lowes stands by nothing they do I live in Louisville, Ky and I'm dealing with *** for 8 mo. You must be one of those SUB CONTRACTORS.


first of all all of these are sub contractors not lowes employees these are the same guys who install for your mom and pops . the difference is lowes will stand behind their installation where others hide