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When it comes to a natural disaster you would think a store of this magnitude would have it covered. Hurricane Irma was a big one.

So everyone was preparing. We had never been in need of a generator, but this go around I was like hey why not, just in case. So I was researching generators on 9.4-9.5 finally decided on 9.5.17 to order a 3800 Champion item#719355 model#76533. There were 3 options FREE Shipping to home or pick up in store on 9.11.17 and an option just for FREE SHIPPING.

I chose FREE SHIPPING thinking if i order today the latest would be 9.9, 9.10. So, Order was placed with no issues, red flags or messages. Ckd the status the next day "unknown" also on 9.7. On 9.8 I received an email stating my order was "delayed shipping" and would not be shipped until 9.11.17.

Which I couldn't do anything about and as long it was still being shipped eased my mind. THEN on 9.9.17 I received another email stating ORDER#675971510 (which isn't my order#) was cancelled!! 9.9.17 you notify me AND tied up my money to even think of getting anything else. I was livid!

So we were lost. Hoping power wouldn't be out for long, BUT our power was out from Sunday night to Wednesday night. We lost all of our refrigerated foods and had to buy extras -candles, flashlights, fans etc- that weren't necesseties IF we had a generator. So not only did you and still, charge my cc that has am undelivered generator on there with no refund/cancellation, I also have loss of funds for things unnecesseray AND I will be paying interest on something I never received!

The measley 100.00 giftcard that they compensated doesnt even touch any of my losses. Loss of sweat for having a hot house, loss of 200.00+ refridgerated food, loss of funds spent on unnecessary items that a generator could have provided.

For a family of 5, 3 kids from 4-13, it was a rough time. And as of 9.20.17, weeks later, still no refund/cancellation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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If It was me, I would have bought one from a store that had them in stock and I could have taken it home. That way I wouldn't have had to worry about any delays in shipment. You knew bad weather was coming which in itself had a potential to delay shipments.


This was not about the generator. The rant was a timeline of events, that is still going.

Ordered generator with no issues and debited account on 9.5.17..rcvd cancellation email on 9.9.17. As of 9.21.17 still no refund.

SO they still have 500.00+ of mine that has not been available for 2 weeks and no fault of mine. Sorry, you may have that lying around as a loan but some people don't.