San Diego, California
Not resolved

after over a month waiting to be settle, proving and given all receipts, lowes offer is way lower than our demand letter which what there offering is practically losss wages and are not considering my husbands pain, almost 4 months out of work, and medical expenses.......We thought lowes would be more accountable and step up for there negligence but now we will refer it to an attorney, I guess than they will say should of considered our offer.....lowes have the worse claims examiners because they dont communicate nor answer calls, with this happening to us we will never shop nor recommend this store anymore.

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:cry :cry :cry


I'm sure Lowe's is shaking because of your demand letter! Their attorneys have probably reviewed your case and decided you don't have one.

That's why you haven't heard any response. Go try to scam somebody else!!


lowes has more money than you. Get an attorney and get it done correctly.