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Refrigerator died over the weekend. Found a nice replacement one on Lowes web site and it promised "next day delivery". Placed order because my boss would let me work from home Monday to let them in.

Guess what? If it's not in stock at the store, they won't deliver next day, only next day after THEY get it from their supplier. And mine wasn't in stock. Nor, apparently are most of their refrigerators.

It's now Thursday. They wanted to deliver it today. Great! Not so great is you don't get to choose a window for your delivery. It's pretty much at THEIR convenience. I could get the morning off today, but not afternoon. And of course they schedule me for 1:30-3 pm cause that's what works for THEIR batch of orders.

I am now waiting with no operable fridge until Saturday when I'm not working. And presumably I'll be home all day waiting around for when they think driving to my suburb is convenient for them.

Pretty much won't be ordering any more large appliances from Lowes. EVER. So BEWARE! That "next day" *** they advertise is total bait and switch. Whatever happened to the much-vaunted customer service at Lowes?

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I mean to all of the people complaining here isn't it just logical that the Next day delivery guarantee would only Apply to appliances that are in stock? Like how can a store pull something out of their *** and deliver it to you if its not in stock?

lol. Common sense people. Companies have a much larger inventory on their websites. They'd never be able to fit all of that stock in their stores.

I'm a former employee. I understand how this works. I also just bought a fridge there. The delivery is " 5-7" days because they are having to order it and get it shipped in from the warehouse.

Of course we could have chosen one of the in stock fridges to get it delivered the next day. But nothing that would have matched our color or size specifications.


Most people see "Next Day Delivery" with a cost ($20.00 plus) and think that is what they will get.

You aren't supposed to search out all the possible reasons that it won't work.

If it is that tentative - don't call it "Next Day Delivery"

Call it - Delivered One Day After We Receive it From The Warehouse. That would be clear.

The original poster was correct - this is a scam, and every BBB knows it.


Bought a fridge from Lowes 2 1/2 months ago, as of today (1/10/12) I still dont have it and no one can tell me when it will be in. Funny thing is that they had no problem charging my credit card. Will never purchase anything from them again!!!!


If an item is special order they can't deliver what they dont have in stock at the store. Next day delivery is for stock items.

Before you place an order on it stated when theh item will come in to the store.


I guess its just our self centered lifestyles that dictates the need for someone to complain that they do not get such personalized service that a retailer forget everyone else in the city and bow down and serve an indevidual. Customer Service does not mean "ME service".

It means providing a service to a customer.

I feel sad for people who truly feel that they are "entitled" to complain about a service because others weren't put off in order to provide the service faster. All I can say your eyes and view the world from a point of view other than 1st person.


Seriously, the deliver company of lowes are hard working and underappreciated. Let me tell you that a lot of customers are just plain dumb in their logic.

How can you expect a next day delivery on merchandise that is no there? "Why dont they just have a lot of them on stock?" well, they are not a warehouse like the previous comment plainly put it. As for "their" convinience, is really sad way to put it, if it were on their covinience, you wouldnt get it for a few days or weeks or months, the timeframe that is given is because of the logistics of the deliveries they got.

so its covinience for all the customers, not just your greedy ***. so before you start talking, shut up and be glad you get excellent customer service


Why did you not purchase an in-stock refrigerator from us? Those ARE delivered NEXT DAY!

Also, to ALL of you who cannot master the art of picking up the phone (I know it's hard), and CALLING your local Lowe's (Or the store of your choice), and speaking to a salesperson who would be glad to take your order right over the phone and mail you your receipt AND be able to tell you exactly what frig's are IN-STOCK right now, for IMMEDIATE delivery. Again, I know, a hard concept to grasp...


Ha! They do have next day delivery!

Do you expect them to make an appliance in their warehouse????

I bought a washer and dryer at 630 then had it by 1030 the next day! Lowes delivery is not fake.