Monroe, Louisiana
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We purchased the Dewalt 6 piece 18 volt tool kit which came with a rebate of a free tool. Well after several months and many different excuses we still haven't received our free tool. We were first told that it was shipped, then we were told it was lost by UPS and being tracked but they refused three times to give us a tracking number. Then we were told it was re-submitted. Now we're told that it was kicked out because of an error. We have a copy of what we filled out and there are no errors. We just plain got ripped off and I can't believe it is Lowe's, a place where I spent thousands of dollars. I'm trying to file this with better business bureau and am going to talk to a lawyer to see if anything can be done. Any advise would be appreciated.

M. Strickland

Monetary Loss: $140.

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I have had mixed experiences with returning stuff to Lowes. I bought a set of Kobalt Power Tools for $400 and the drill went out after 6 months.

I took it in and they told me they no longer carried the set so they couldn't replace it for me. I was told I would have to bring in the whole set and take a store credit and buy a new set. I pointed out to the manager that they sold the same drill as a stand alone product and I just wanted one of those.

After about an hour of fighting with 3 people I finally got my drill. But other times I go in without a reciept or box and they hand me cash without asking questions.


The rebate that came with this item.....was offered by DEWALT...not Lowes you *** ***!

Lowes is the middle man in this deal...trying to get you something for nothing. They are so horrible for trying to get Dewalt to give you something for free...

Woe is me...



You are so right about them. They do not honor their rebates.

They will, if anything, expect you to have more documentation and information than is possible, like the FR transfer time of funds if you used a debit card for the purchase or will not respond after you do provide information.

They owe me for 2 on paint and another on a faucet. I did a charge back on my credit card on all successfully.