Reston, Virginia
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This was a horrible experience. I ordered blinds for my whole house, was told 3 week process. Blinds were ordered wrong, replacement was supposedly placed on rush order.

A week later found out the re-order never happened. Had to wait another 2 weeks.

Then only one set of blinds came in, found out the other set was never ordered. A month and a half later and Im still waiting for my blinds.

Ive spoken with associates, Sales Manager and Assistant Store Manager and only received one apology. Never offered temporary blinds. The most they could do for me was tell me I have to wait for the blinds to come in.

They have been paid in full since the day I ordered them. The most horrible experience Ive had while making home improvements. I should have gone with Home Depot or someone else local. Done with Lowes.

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So, quit crying about it and get a refund. Why dont you stop gripping and get on with your life?

Have you ever made a mistake, are you sure NONE of this was YOUR fault?

Did you order the wrong size and then blame them? Come on, take your receipt, go to the store, get your refund.