Lafayette, Tennessee
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On may 6 we purchased new frigidair fridge. Guy asked when did we want it. We replied as soon as possible- the other was broke. Guy said how does tomorrow morning sound-somewhere between 8am-12am. GREAT.

Next am comes and goes. No fridge, no call. 2pm arrives. Still waiting. Finally call them. *** lady says: We don't know where they are but if they said they'd be there then they'll be there.

3pm, 4pm, 5pm- deliverer calls-says be there soon. 6pm, 7pm, 7:30 pm fridge arrives.(@ 12 hours of our wasted saturday). When fridge is installed and old one is removed and deliverers left opened fridge and its the wrong one. Same model but with wire racks- not glass. Will never buy from them again.

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Shelby, North Carolina, United States #838584

I took a *** there once and I thought their bathrooms were rather clean. Nice place to stop when you are about to *** yourself.

Shelby, North Carolina, United States #838581

Get the *** over it. Your lazy *** should have picked it up yourself.


Yeah you said it sister to the tune of 30% of my wages. Whole *** company is full of crooks on the top end and that lazy fat cat Niblock is rolling it in hand over fist..

Oh your complaint I am so so sorry.

Call the store and raise *** and demand half your money back. That always works..


Lowes just slashed all employees salaries. Mine was cut 30%. Why would we stay motivated working for a company that pays their CEO 12sits million a year to cut our pay?

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