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We bought all new stainless steel kitchen appliances from Lowes in May of this year. The first part of November the dishwasher quit working.

Lowes sent a company out to repair it. We washed one load of dishes and it quit again. Two weeks later the technician comes out again and replaces the motor. The next day we go to load the dishwasher and it doesn't work again.

A different technician comes out again and found that the new motor is bad. It will be another two weeks before the next motor comes in and they can replace it. I no longer want this dishwasher. I called Lowes to see if I could get a different brand.

I know I will have to pay something, I was just thinking that Lowes should give me some sort of a credit. Lowes will not do anything. They will not even let us use a loaner until ours is fixed. It has been almost two months since we have had a dishwasher.

I am upset that we bought an $800 dishwasher that doesn't work and Lowes will not even try to make us happy with a loaner.

If anyone knows what I can do, please let me know. We will still be without a dishwasher for at least two more weeks.

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After attempts at repairing an appliance the manufacturer is supposed to give you an RA number (return authorization) which will allow you to return the appliance to the store for refund or exchange for another. meanwhile... go old school and wash your dishes yourself.

to Rum #600060

sorry. should read '3 attempts'


I would try calling Lowe's customer care. I know someone who went through a similar issue with a washing machine and lets just say the outcome was not desirable he ended up returning it after 3 months without a working washer and then bought one at sears across the street.

Dallas, Texas, United States #591108

Why....?? That's an excellent name!!

The reason is because everybody feels entitled. If I spend money with you, I shouldn't have to take the proper actions to get the problem resolved. I should just *** and you should bend over and take it.

The fact that the managers are held accountable for the store profit doesn't matter to the *** wipes that shop there. They want immediate resolutions instead of working the proper channels....I'm just doing my job, protecting retail associates!!


Why does everyone blame the store they bought the appliance from. You should be upset with the manufacturer of the product, they are the ones that made it and they are the ones responsible for the warranty on the item. QUIT BLAMING THE WRONG PEOPLE!!!!!!

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