Toronto, Ontario
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My husband and I tried to place an online order using my husband's visa. When we submitted the order on we received a message that the card was declined.

We found that odd as there was enough credit limit to accept the transaction. We thought that maybe we had entered the card # incorrectly so we tried again. We received another decline message. At this point we used by credit card and the transaction went through and we received an order number.

But then to our surprise we find that Lowes had processed the "declined" amount on my husband's credit card after all but had not sent us an order number for this transaction. Without an order number Lowes instore and customer service say they cannot do anything. And Visa won't do anything as they say its Lowes fault. At this point we have paid $2300 twice and have already spent hours instore and on the phone trying to get this resolved.

We are faced with the prospect of spending more time to get our money back but now I read that this happened to others as well.

And Lowes is not doing anything to fix their system? Shame on them and I am going to make a big stink of this!

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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