Atlanta, Georgia
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I shop at the Lowe's Of S Dekalb-lithonia, GA Store # 2232. I ordered four items, went to the movies, got something to eat with the children and then went to Lowes to pick up my order.

They hadn't pulled my order. At this time, I'm very upset because all the years of them matching my paint wrong, not pulling their online orders and the HORRIBLE customer service when something does go wrong (Trent - Ast. Manager) came front and center.

I canceled the order and canceled my Lowes consumer credit account. Not one more cent from me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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Yeah right you have already been back


Don't worry it was only because of the location but I've started give Home Depot my business. They need to get rid of most of you sorry people their.

You guys have NO customer service skills.


If you ordered online and the items were not ready for pickup within 30 minutes, Lowes is suppose to give you a giftcard for 25.00.