Saint Louis, Missouri

well waht should i say i worked at a warrensburg mo where i was a manager. i was told to keep something quiet and for years i did.

now that they screwed me out of a job by cutting back on zones, im coming clean. why would lowes knowingly promote a manager to another store when they break there wifes arm. not only did the higher ups know about it they were there to witness it. without giving out names this person is still a store manager at the osage beach store i heard recently.

consider urself exposed. and no longer will i keep quiet.

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this was the first time i have ever posted on this site. manager is exposed face it.

i worked for lowes for more than 5 years and made it close to the top. im not mad against lowes at all they treated me as fair as a corporation can in order to make money.

however my former manager has an anger mgmt issue. i ws just wondering how he can get moved to another store when he clearly is a liability for lowes after injuring his wife.


this has to be a pissed off dude to either expose someone of that or make it up. either way im not going to shop there now even they have better tools than other places.