Massillon, Ohio

I went to Lowes in North Canton, Ohio to make a purchase. The cashier told me my total was $1,200.

I told her that sounded high when I gave her my debit card. She finished the transaction and handed me m receipt. I stood there and looked at the receipt and did not allow the next customer to proceed. I told her that she over charged me about $100- $150 and handed her back my receipt.

She said that a supervisor would have to fix this at the service desk. After waiting 15 minutes in line, the supervisor Angela got to me. I told her the situation. She said that the ONLY way that she could fix this was to refund my $1200 from my checking account (which would take 48 hours) and now charge me an additional $1050 -$1100 again from my checking account.

Thus I would need to leave there paying $2300 for my $1100 order and wait for 48 to get $1200 back... absurd... to fix $100 overpay she must charge an additional $1100... what if I didnt have an extra $1100 to "loan" Lowes for 2 days?

I told her that was unacceptable. She refunded my order (which will take 2 days) and I left with nothing. I left a complaint on the Lowes website asking for a call immediately...

gave work, home and cell telephone numbers- still no call back. DO not shop at any LOWES.

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I ordered 2 windows and 2 doors. They wanted me to sign a blank contract as both were custom sizes.

When I requested the order be spelled out on the contract they were very upset with me, how dare I ask them to tell me what I'm paying for. Like everyone else it took 5 trips to Lowes, numerous phone calls and they were installed after almost 3 months.

Then I see on my Visa bill they overcharged me over $700. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH LOWES AGAIN.

@no longer lowes customer

Why would anybody in thier right mind continue to go ahead with the order when they wanted you to sign a blank contract? As soon as they wanted you to sign a blank contract, you should’ve got up, walked out and never looked back.


I shopped at Lowes in Florida at 8700 West Colonial Drive, Orlando 32818 (407) 532-6884. Receipt # 33063 0642 056 store 0642 Terminal 33 on 2/25/2019 at 1300.

The discount shown on the bill was never reflected in the amount charged.

They do not answer their phones. Watch your bill and check it out carefully before leaving the store.


All you had to do was return the items, at which point you would have gotten cash back since it was paid with a debit card. Then they should have rerung your purchases.

I worked for Lowes for 6 years on the front end. I cannot understand why they have to make such a big deal over this.

They obviously were not trained properly. This is why people stop shopping at Lowes.


If they are going to put a hold on your card, It should be posted CLEARLY at the pump so you have the option to decline. Just like a atm machine.


Then what good is a debit card? :?


No, the correct answer is to never use a debit card at a store or especially at a hotel, car rental, or gas station. Use a CREDIT card. Good to use debit on PIN purchases only.