I went to Lowes in North Canton, Ohio to make a purchase. The cashier told me my total was $1,200.

I told her that sounded high when I gave her my debit card. She finished the transaction and handed me m receipt. I stood there and looked at the receipt and did not allow the next customer to proceed. I told her that she over charged me about $100- $150 and handed her back my receipt.

She said that a supervisor would have to fix this at the service desk. After waiting 15 minutes in line, the supervisor Angela got to me. I told her the situation. She said that the ONLY way that she could fix this was to refund my $1200 from my checking account (which would take 48 hours) and now charge me an additional $1050 -$1100 again from my checking account.

Thus I would need to leave there paying $2300 for my $1100 order and wait for 48 to get $1200 back... absurd... to fix $100 overpay she must charge an additional $1100... what if I didnt have an extra $1100 to "loan" Lowes for 2 days?

I told her that was unacceptable. She refunded my order (which will take 2 days) and I left with nothing. I left a complaint on the Lowes website asking for a call immediately...

gave work, home and cell telephone numbers- still no call back. DO not shop at any LOWES.

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All you had to do was return the items, at which point you would have gotten cash back since it was paid with a debit card. Then they should have rerung your purchases.

I worked for Lowes for 6 years on the front end. I cannot understand why they have to make such a big deal over this.

They obviously were not trained properly. This is why people stop shopping at Lowes.


If they are going to put a hold on your card, It should be posted CLEARLY at the pump so you have the option to decline. Just like a atm machine.


Then what good is a debit card? :?


No, the correct answer is to never use a debit card at a store or especially at a hotel, car rental, or gas station. Use a CREDIT card. Good to use debit on PIN purchases only.

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