San Bernardino, California

Lowes Paint Dept mixes a gallon of paint, then opened the lid to put sample color on lid and they never bothered to pound the lid closed with rubber mallet as required. The can is sent home with my husband who was picking up a couple other items while waiting for paint to be mixed.

He didn't watch guy finish the job and expected that the technician knew what he was doing. So he takes the gallon home proceeds to shake the can and because they didn't close the can properly red paint goes all over my cream colored carpet. Their response to the complaint of not doing their job properly is that's too bad it's your fault. I now have over a $1000 worth of damage to my bedroom and their response is it was our responsibility to check the can before shaking it.

It wasn't their responsibility to do their job correctly.

What if I had a child in my home and they got into the can of paint and injested it, would it still be our fault they didn't seal the can properly? I would never trust these imbeciles ever again.

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I would have to agree that its your fault I would never trust something like that or leave it to chance . Yes they should of did it but I think it's ignorance on your part .


I Know Im Two Years Late, But Why Would Ur Dumb *** Husband Shake The Can Again and How Did He Not See That It Was Open Before He Left The Store So Thats You and Your Retard *** Husbands Fault, Dumb ***


Hey LOWES has free install on stainmaster carpet and pad, Does that help you lady?


I work at Lowe's paint department and when we dot the top of the can, it's easy to tell when the lid isn't on all the way. It's pretty automatic to go around the lid twice with a dead-blow hammer or use the lid tool.

I highly doubt it was a regular Lowe's paint employee who made the mistake.

The only way an employee could make that kind of mistake is if a new employee was left by himself the first day of making paint which DOES NOT HAPPEN at the store I work at. So either you were very, very unlucky, or you and your husband are not telling the whole truth.


Just had this happen but didn't even make it out of the car. Paint went all over the car as soon as I turned despite the can sitting perfectly upright in the front seat of my car.

It was tapped down barely enough to stay on.

This is actually not uncommon. Bought many gallons of paint at at Liwes and Home Depot and never had a problem.


if the paint was already mixed why would you shake it again?


You do realize that the employees behind the counter are humans and make mistakes like everyone else? Also, I highly doubt you would have made it out of the store before realizing the paint was open.

I make paint everyday at lowes. The fact that it made it out the door and in the car and home before spilling doesn't sound true, and how in the world were you mixing the paint to spill it everywhere?


Hey Fishy, Though you seem to know alot about paint you seem to forget that they open the can AFTER mixing to put the spot on the top to let you know which color it is, the original poster even said that to you. So i have to call BS on you.


It would be pretty hard for a can of paint to leave the store unsealed if it was shaken first. The paint would either have to go into a spin shaker or a pressure shaker.

The spin shaker will throw a lid of a can that is 80% sealed, and the pressure shaker presses the lid down as it shakes. It is known to of even crushed full paint cans. If you got red paint they probably set the shakers to "Deep Tone" which is a full 3 minuets of shaking. Now if you got Olympic paint with the plastic lids you may have a case.

There was a defect with the lids in which they would come unsealed. In this case Olympic will cover the cost of the clean up. I have never known them to fail.

If you got another paint however I will have to call BS on you. It may of happened but it wasn't Lowe's fault.


It sounds like Lowes doesn't have general liability Insurance. I have heard this happening before at Home Depot on occasion, but the store managers have always corrected the problem for their customers.