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Advised by Lowe's employee to go to Home Depot. We just purchased a shower unit waited apprx.4wks for it to come in. Once we pick it up and were installing, we find that there was no plumbing for the drain I called Lowe's talked to a person in plumbing and he informed me that the instructions clearly state it doesnt come with plumbing drain. I said how are supposed to know this until we are already home and installing (which is an hour away from store). Then I advised him I previously bought a shower untit from home depot and it came with everything. And again how was I supposed to know this without before getting it home to install it . If someone from the store doesnt tell me when I ordered the unit. He suggested I just go back to home depot!!! So that is EXACTLY what we will do. DONE WITH LOWES!!! Leonard 219 866 6965
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Faucets and drains usually don't come with sinks, tubs or showers. There are a variety of colors available for these fixtures and people buy them separately so they get the color they want. Your problem is that you assumed the drain would be included.


Not all installations use the same drain. So how can they out one in the box with the shower "unit"?

If you had bought a new install "kit" before it might have had a drain with it because as a new installation you could have used any drain. But if you are buying a shower stall to replace an existing one you would have to by the drain that works for with the existing plumbing, and how could they know that?


I'm a retired contractor and I've never bought a bath tub or shower unit that included any plumbing parts....ever!! Did you read the instructions on the box before you took it home?

Did you see any plumbing parts in the display? the box on the outside tells you what it includes.

Why are you blaming someone else for your issue when it was your fault for not checking out the box and what was and was not included. it is not up to the sales person to instruct you on all of this, it is up to you, as the installer, to know or find out.

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