Indianapolis, Indiana

I made the mistake of believing that I could actually buy something from Lowes over the internet and that they would honor the terms of their sale to me.

In short, I bought a Webber Grill advertised as being "on sale," marked down from $329 to $199.00. That sounded like a decent deal, so I completed the transaction online and Lowes deducted the money from my bank account within a few minutes. In other words, the sale was complete. A few minutes later they sent me an email telling that my item was ready for pick-up at a local Lowes store. Fine. So I get in my car and end up wasting my time and gas, as when I get there they try to give me a scratched up display model that was not the model I purchased over the internet. I told them I wanted what I had purchased. The model number I purchased, new and in the box. They looked around and couldn't find one. Then, some other guy in the same department got involved and basically told me that that's what I deserved for thinking that I could actually buy a grill over the internet.

So far, I've emailed customer service twice to see why I can't have what I purchased, and so far, no response. I guess they just don't care about customers.

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I am a Canadian and ordered a mitre saw via the Internet through the Calgary store. They advertised Free Shipping on orders over $250.

The saw was $475, then instead of shipping they told me to drive 800 miles to the store and pick it up. I phoned customer service ? and they said it was too heavy to ship. I cancelled my order.

It has been a week with 4 phone calls and numerous e mails back and forth. And still no refund to my Paypal account. Needless this will be my last dealing with them.

Thank goodness for Costco and excellent Internet ordering sites. Ken


In short, save yourself some time and call ahead whenever you make an online purchase! Contrary to what you may think, there are not grills and other products lined up at the front of the store ready to be picked up by whenever a customer deigns to show up.

Us your brain: call ahead, let them know you want to make a pick up so they are able to have it ready, confirm pricing because if you had an idea of retail companies, you would know that an individual store does not control online pricing & inventory quantities. :cry