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I received a lowes coupon in the email for 10% off I went to store made a purchase of arround 240.00 gave them the coupon they said it had allready been used.I said I just got it last nite they said sorry I said well just put everything back the only reason I was buying was because of coupon.They said I should call lowes cust service so I did They said they dont send out coupons The coupon said emailed from www.lowes The lowes store I was at ran the coupon 3 different times even ran the numbers still said allready been used.Cust service said were sorry well send you another coupon in your email I gave them my email they said make sure you also check your spam folder to make sure you get it It should be there with in 3 days.Ive waited and waited checking email have never yet receive another coupon.Called cust service again they this time told me they couldnt send me a coupn unless I was moving Its called a movers coupon I said Iam not moving .She said theres nothing they could do that must not of been there coupon,I said they ran it threw 3/4 times said allready used it had your email on it and said sent from lowes she said it must of been sent from a third party,I said fine theres other places to shop and thats just what I will do.I spend alot of money over a years time in tools and stuff for home inprovements.But I will never spend another dime in Lowes because of this if they was'nt going to replace the coupon with one that was lagit they never should of said they would to start with.Besides Home Depot has just as much and prices are good,Theres also a Menards store with in 50miles so I will drive a little more and pass by lowes.

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Next time try talking to the manager, I've always had my coupons honered even if they are expired. And the post office sends out those movers coupons not lowes


there is a store in alpharetta ga , back there in lumber , they have an emplye that refuses to help load or load anything for the customers , he sees some body come up with some thing he turns an walks away


I purchased a Maytag from Lowe's 2 1/2 years ago and it broke. Called the service advantage people, totally rude on the phone.

Service guy came out and said they had to get a part and it could take 72 business hours. The NEW people had the part but could not get it to the service guy because of a computer glitch. Too bad. It took almost 2 weeks to get repaired.

Lowe's and the Service Advantage people have not taken responsibility for this. Too bad is what they say. So I was out of a washer had to load all the kids and laundry and spend 120 dollars at the laundry mat. Plus I paid 160 for the extended warranty, This is not right!!!

I was screwed by Lowe's.

I am just a little homemaker and Lowe's is so big wouldn't you think they would want to make this right. Oh no they don't.


Try too resolve your Lowe's problems with there CEO, Robert Niblock. Good Luck! You'll need it.


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