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Zebulon Road store. Macon, Georgia.

Roslyn Ross, store manager. I have shopped at this store (and other lowes locations in Georgia and Florida) since it first opened having lived in the area since 1972. I can honestly say that in recent years this store has gone down hill. Having met the store manager I think I understand why.

I made the mistake of purchasing not one but two populan chain saws here for use on my small farm which I have owned since 1978. One was a 50cc with a 20" cut. Never worked well but it usually ran long enough to do what little was needed. Should have returned it sooner but I didn't.

Tried to use it at thanksgiving and it would not run. Tried to return it today without success. Lowes would not honor the two year warranty. I did not have my reciept.

Of course that didn't help and no one was interested in making an effort to locate a sales record. In any event I was not seeking a refund but I wanted to exchange for one that ran. As the one I had had never done. Enter store manager Ross.

I was informed by her that any problems would be between me and populan. Lowes she said had no obligation to correct the problem and that a replacement was NOT an option. So lowes thinks that selling an inferior product is acceptable as a business process? According to store manager Ross it is!

She basically told me I was wasting her time and I could take it up with populan. At that point I told her what I thought of her and lowes. She then told me to leave, which I refused to do and told her she could call for assistance and have me escorted out if she liked. She didn't.

I have spent several hours seeking information from lowes customer service and corporate site.

But as you might guess no one has responded. An unhappy and former lowes customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Poulan Chainsaw.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Once the store's return period has expired, product defects are between the purchaser and the manufacturer. Lowe's can't help you and you should have know this prior to purchase. suck it up and contact Poulan.


Look at your warranty. It says Poulan will REPAIR it, not REPLACE it.

Why do you think the store is responsible for the warranty? They can't send it back to Poulan. Take it to the service center authorized by Poulan and have it fixed.

Don't know where your are going to shop that you think they would take the saws back. Other stores would have you take them in for service as well.