Houston, Texas
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I asked for a price on a precut stud. Lowes employee didn't know what this was she was nasty and short with me

Didn't want to b bothered with

Me and let me know

Hire better and please have consequences for terrible employee phone answered on weekends date 11/15/14 340pm lake Charles la store

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You probably didn't ask someone working in the lumber area. If you go to the meat counter at the grocery store they probably won't know the price on an asian pear either. Everyone in a retail store is not an expert on everything sold in the store.


They are not called "pre cut" studs. Use the right term and maybe they will understand.


The overall lack of grammar in this sentence is astounding. How will people take you seriously, if this is the image you choose to project.

I pray you do not talk the way you type, or I wouldn't of wanted anything to do with you either. I hope your sake, this was just a slip.