If I could give zero stars to this company, I would. Their assistant store manager Jose has very little ability to speak to customers.

I came to return a pressure washer that is only been used a handful of times. I was told over the phone by Lowes service center that my machine has a 2 yr warranty. I was also told to bring the machine to the store and although I did not have the receipt, with the invoice number, date of purchase, and store number that I'd have no problem returning the product. I get to the store bring the machine to customer service who tells me to take the machine to the lawn dept.

I arrive with the machine to the lawn dept who tells me I need to go back to customer service. Brief note: I'm a woman with a recently dislocated shoulder. No one offered help. At customer service I'm told that they can not look up my info and I'd need to speak to a manager (Jose).

After some time, the Jose comes over. I explain the above. He proceeds to tell me policy. He then says, "we don't have to send out your machine for repair or replacement, we are doing this as a curtesy".

At this point I'm furious. He says without the receipt he can not do anything. I tell him again that lowes service center told me to have them call him if there was an issue. He basically says no.

Then offers to put the machine in my car. Jose couldn't even do his job. Simply call the customer service center... Nope Jose says that lowes customer service center by phone works for the store and the store makes the decision.

What a horrible thought, the customer who buys from you almost every week you will not honor what your service center said you would honor. I guess it's back to Home Depot. They at least treat people with respect.

Do not go to lowes! They obviously do not have a customer service dept or managers that care.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Lowes. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Learn to keep your receipts. They work wonders in a situation like this.

Sure you can go to Home Depot, but have you bothered to look at their complaints on this site? You'll find just as many complaints like yours on Home Depot's site as well.

Frisco, North Carolina, United States #955884

The one liner about you being a woman is extremely anti feminist of you.

I'm interested in your line of work? I wonder if you have a 100% satisfaction report...

I'm guessing not.

Or your average daily interactions, because if you are so easily going to dismiss an entire company based off

one bad interaction, i bet there aren't a lot of place's you can go anymore.

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