Chandler, Arizona
Not resolved

For over three years I have written and sent pictures of the carpet Lowes installed that is bulging in many places. I asked for the money back so I could hire someone to fix it.

They want to have the people who tried four times to fix the problems come out again. I said no. they have not responded to my request or even sent a reply.

This company is a scam, and I and my sons, all of whom have been redoing their homes, have not gone back to Lowes since this started. Tp not even have a respond is a sign of a cmpany that does not care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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big ben

really 3 years. get real. I dont know a company that would back you after that long


We have over three years contacted everyone from the store manager, district, corporate, sent letters and pictures. So, all those who are replying obviously are working for Lowes, If so tell them to check there mail since I sent several pictures and nothing. They are the lowest of corporations.



I would strongly suggest calling the store manager one more time on this issue. Ask him for his market directors number and his regional installed sales manager.

He will either crack at this point or will hand over the numbers. Start with the regional installed sales manager making sure you have the reciepts and or po number so they can track the original order. If the regional installed sales manager refuses to help phone the market director.

At this point they will likely help you out (sadly enough just to make you go away). One thing the store manager does not want is his bosses to get involved.


To Are You Real?

Yes, indeed, I am real. For 3 years I have been attempting to resolve this issue.

Trust me, I did not wake up 3 years after the carpet was installed and suddenly notice that it had been poorly installed. Lowe's sent people out three times in the first 6 months to review the poor install--the ripples had begun within weeks of the installation. This is my fourth house, and I have had carpeting installed in each of my houses.

Never have I had such a poor result. And nver would I go back to Lowe's for anything else.


You had a 1 year warranty on the carpet and 3 years later you are expecting your money back? Just trying to get my head stuffed up my rear far enough to see the point of this complaint... Lowes warrants the install for 1 year.


Contacted everyone and even the contractor...nothing....they are the worst. How can you work for a company that has not moral ground?


Call the corporate offices if the store is not resolving it in an acceptable manner. They are usually pretty helpful, and want to make it right.

As far as the store goes, it's probably a matter where they have an installer who isn't any good, and they're fighting with him because they'll take a double hit. They buy the product, pay him to do it right, and he won't.

Now you want your money back, and the installer isn't giving them their money back so... yea.


call corporate everyday