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I work for a home contractor in Baltimore who does approximately 2M dollars a year in the White Marsh store. On a regular basis, I need to send my workers to pick up materials.

While my causcasian workers never have an issue, my African American or Hispanic workers are continually followed around the store by the store manager and a big lug that is supposed to be the loss prevention manager. After hearing about this, I went to the store with my employees to view it myself.

And sure enough, the store manager comes out and follows my employees around if their skin was any darker than white.

I confronted Brian the store manager and he hemmed and hawed, but he knew he was dead to rights. He tried to bribe us with discounts, but I am filing a discrimination lawsuit against him and the store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Lowes Pros: Store specialists.

Lowes Cons: Unbelievably poor service.

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It's always about racism, isn't it.


There is no law that states they cannot follow you around on THEIR PRIVATE PROPERTY!! If you don’t like it shop elsewhere.

You won’t get anywhere with a lawsuit or corporate because once again, ITS PRIVATE PROPERTY! They have every right to follow whomever they please on their PRIVATE PROPERTY to ensure nothing is stolen. It amazes me that yet another dumb person feels they have some greater right then the people that are being victimized by thief’s. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why?

Maybe those employees are not as trustworthy as you have assumed. For all you know they could be stealing Lowe’s blind. You don’t watch them when they are in the store without you, your own people could be part of a big box theft ring. The point is they can follow you if they want and there isnt a damn thing you can do about it.

It’s their right to protect themselves. You making such a stink about it makes you look as guilty as can possibly be. Go ahead. Show the world YOUR lack of intelligence.

If you wouldn’t let a stranger in your house without watching them closely then you have no place to whine about them doing the EXACT same thing you would do.

Did you ever stop and think that they may have a serious problem with groups of men of color shoplifting? No, people like YOU won’t see past that nose stuck up in the air sadly.


They also discriminate against the elderly and take advantage of them. I'm Hispanic and had a complaint about an installation for my mother-in-law and the woman in the store hung up on me in the middle of the sentence great quality customer service! The worst service I've ever gotten in 30 years from Union City Tennessee Lowe's and their installation Department.