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Whats really funny is I work at a LOWE"s Store! Every day I see you idiots come into the store completely uneducated about the product you are interested in.

With todays techknowledge I would think you would do a little investigative work prior to you entereing store to spend your money on such cheap garbage!!!!! Remember when we say you might consider, that is a flag we are trying to tell you DON'T BUY THAT! Exactly how *** are you? Look up the items on, read the customer reviews and there it is 30-40 customers saying don't by this product, but here you are in the check out and I will see you again in 2days to three months complaining about this product.

Oh, by the way, every box store gets their product from the same place. Lowes is one of the three big box companies selling this stuff. You want to complain, look into the mirror and see the *** who is too cheap to buy something of true quality. You walk in and say, "I want the cheapest thing you have." So you get exactly what you pay for.

I am there just because it is the only job I can find! But if we say you might want to consider a special order. Well consider a better quality, because you will end up spending the same price after you trash the firsr product you purchased, then replace it. I suspect the vast majority have the internet!

Do some research, read the product reviews, investigate and never take my word that, thats a good product and it should last you a lifetime. Another *** out the door!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yea, do you really think We go to work just to take *** off of you idiots? *** no, we are there to feed our family.

And now that LOWES has removed all of our commissions sales. I really don't care what you buy!!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Stop with the forklift accident already! It was tragic and is horrible for the poor lady.

I dont see you adding youtube links for the 3 tragic events with home depot one of which was fatal for a 6 year old girl.

Accidents do happen. If the employee didnt know how to operate the moffit he should have told his managers he was not comfortable yet with the machine.


Lowes does not care about their customers.

Research you tube lowes forklift tragedy and see if you still feel the same


Hey robot,

I dont even give them that. But hey they did this so we know exactly what our bring home will be so they were helping us out!!

Out of a mortgage, car payment, and food... But Niblock is doing ok. He may have to consider not buying a new porche this year and drive the 6 month old one a little longer.

The *** things dont last like they used to. Poor old Niblock going broke while we roll in the bread


Hot water. I have worked for lowes for ten yrs and have gave them 125% every day.

I only give 100% now. This company sucks *** now you can keep living paycheck to paycheck.


Hot water,

Most people I deal with seem to have some education. Perhaps with cabinets it different.

Sadly many people were living off of their incentives and not off of their base pay. This is not the customers fault. Sadly you are bitter and are putting all Lowes associates in your shoes. I have been with lowes 12 years and have seen ups and downs.

I still am being paid to help the customers. I choose to go to work at Lowe's. The incentive was nice but was not promised. If you read the paperwork at hiring it was listed as an incentive not a salary.

As far as not caring about the customers your bitterness will be your demise. The company will not accept slackers and whiners. Now let the sos thing die and lets get back to what we do best and that is serve the customers. Help someone make a difference in their home.

Once and awhile you will make a difference.

And if this is not what you want to do you can go out the doors you came in and no one will blame you for your choice. We all have a choice.