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Its unfortunate that these large retail stores just do not buy into the fact that customer service is the key. I dont mind the price, I dont mind how the store looks, parking could be awful. But if you give me good customer service I will return.

I bought lawn furniture to the tune of $2000+ and payed $75 for delivery up front. I received the message yesterday that my furniture was in the store but I had to call their delivery dept to make arrangements. I spend the better part of today, almost 8 hrs, trying to get hold of some one to get delivery arranged. I called the correct store, the right dept, only to listen to the phone ring umpteen times before I got bounced from one dept to another except the one I needed. Was finally told they would call me back. The person who called back told me that I had to call delivery to get my lawn furniture delivered. I guess the IQ dropped sharply at Lowes this particular day. I finally got a hold of a manager who after taking all my info, yet again, said she would call me back.

Any way heres my point. Yes I am just one customer with a complaint, easy enough to brush off right. Ignore it long enough though and those complaints start to add up. Enough momentum builds up and it becomes impossible to stop the customers from leaving. Dont believe me. There are plenty of failed businesses in North America that I can point to. Plenty of businesses now that are failing that I can point to.

Where I live Lowes is already in pretty tough competition against 2 other home improvement stores. I look at the parking lot and on any given day you can plainly see that Lowes does not have the biggest share of the buying public in this area. You would think they would figure out that the only thing they have in their back pocket to battle with is customer service.

Got a call back. Not the manager I talked to. This was just another wage slave telling me that I would be contacted Saturday to arrange a time for delivery on Sunday.

In my opinion this isnt customer service. I wont be buying from Lowes in the future. Its a further drive for me to go to Lowes. The prices arent great, customer service is questionable. I am also pretty sure this little rant wont go anywhere. I dont care though. It just makes me feel better to get it written out somewhere. Be interesting to see if Lowes survives but I doubt it. The last retailer I had issues with customer service wise went out of business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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