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I paid for a range with my debit card.Then received a call the following morning saying the range I paid for was not available. They were supposed to immediately issue a refund.

Because my oven wasn't working, I spent my lunch at a different Lowe's looking for an different range. They had the exact same range, and said it was available. But they'd have to charge me again...and their price was higher. They were supposed to call me to schedule delivery by the following Thursday.

That didn't happen. That Saturday night I received a call from a computer telling me it would be there the next morning. I called back to try to reschedule, since I had not agreed to that and received an automated response that I was not calling during normal business hours. I made multiple attempts but could not get a person to reschedule.

I then cut short my vacation to get home and prepare for this delivery. When they came, they informed me they couldn't do my installation because I don't have a shut off valve. I was not informed I needed this. They left with my range, and I heard nothing from the store.

A few days later when I still hadn't been contacted I called their customer service. I was PROMISED a call back from management within 24 hours. But they never called me. I called them back again, and was informed that my refund for the first range was processed after I filed a complaint.

However, I still do not have my money back! And the manager at the second site was very dismissive of my issues. They had already scheduled to return my item which had been paid for (and without contacting me) to their warehouse! He acted as though he was doing me a favor by pushing the date back.

Had no idea why his store charged more for the same item, bit did offer to adjust if I go there with an invoice?

When I said good bye to that manager, the customer service rep hung up...without discussing with me whether or not I was satisfied with this outcome. Their costumer service is terrible, and honestly I will never shop there again.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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