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i went to lowes to pick a refrigerator for delivery five days ago

went through 3 reps and finally got it done.

then came delivery day, appointment was around 5:30 but they came at 4:30 and i was not home. so they said they will be back. they did not show up till 8:00 pm. Anyway that was not the problem, theproblem was that they delivered me a floor. i realized that the unit is old after they left. the refrigerator was not not installed because it is a gift to myuncle. they sat it on my garage. i called the store afterward. the managertold me i bought a as it model. itold him no, because when spoke to the 3 reps , none of them told meit is a as is model. one of the rep check the back room and told me they have one available. then the manager called me call and said they reason they delivered a floor model is becasue the new one in theback room has a dent on the door. he told me they should of call and let me know. he invited me back to the store to resolve the issue. " just come and talk to mary(appliance rep)she will take care of you. got in there, talked to her, she suggested a door swap(take the door from theone from thegarage and put it one this new one that has a dent). i said "no" because i paid for a new undamaged fridge .

i finally got mad and asked for her manager. hetold me there is nothing he can do but suggest a different model.

i asked for a refund, he said it will takes atleast a week to get the moneyback for visa debit card. i asked what should i do, my uncle is moving to his new house tomorrow. this is a gift. i cant buy it some where else coz the money wont be back for a week.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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I purchased a fridge from Lowes 2 1/2 months ago and I still don't have it!!!! Funny thing is that they had no problem charging my credit card.

As of today (1/10/12) they still cant give me a delivery date!!! They just lost another customer