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Lemon Lemon Lemon that is what you sold me. I purchased a refrigerator and after 4 months quit working and now it has been 5 weeks and I and they have deemed it in repairable I do not want another Haier refrigerator it is a piece of junk I am notifying the news company to let them know that Lowrs does not stand behind the products they sell. Thanks got selling me a lemon and then not doing nothing to help we can not buy grocery we are living out of coolers.

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It is NOT the retail stores responsibility to stand behind a product they sell. The manufacturer of the product is responsible for the warranty.

You are directing your frustrations at the wrong party.

You should be complaining to and about Haier. Haier is responsible for the warranty and if you aren't satisfied with the way they are handing it you shouldn't be complaining about Lowes.


All Lowe's can do is follow up with the manufacturer of the product, so see how they can proceed. What a lot of people don't understand is after the appliance is sold, it is not a Lowe's product unless you purchase a Lowe's Specific protection plan..

Its like taking your 9 month old Puppy the developed cancer to the Puppy Breeder and demanding a refund for selling a defective puppy.

Certainly you would not see any $ because the breeder has not power over natural selection. All things made, function on the same principals.

Things break, sometimes at a untimely rate.

I'm sorry you feel like your Lowe's store did not do everything in there power to assist you further, but out right blaming them is completely crazy.