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I have bought appliances, tile for my home, etc. Don't ever pay them anything in CASH !!!

My return items were never opened - factory sealed amounting to $75.00 a very small amount

compared to thousands spent in the past 6 months.. They expect me tp provide exact dates - only 3

maximum accepted in order for a refund - otherwise a store credit. These purchases were not

made on one day...

I will not be forced to purchase through a store credit! Regardless, I need appliances that will

not be purchased again at Lowes.. Never had this problem at Home Depot!

So don't pay them cash for anything!!!

Monetary Loss: $75.

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To those who have never heard of it try MYLOWES..... unlike other store key chain cards MYLOWES is actually a benefit for this reason.

As long as you go online and register it(which takes 3 minutes) and have your cashier scan it each and every time you make a purchase it will keep a log of all your purchases. An online receipt if you will. There fore if you paid cash, it would show on there and you'd get your cash back.

period end of story.

It has other benefits. But as far as this issue is concerned, i think my reply is enough


How about providing receipts for the returns? If you paid cash, you receive cash back - issue resolved.


Only way this could happen is if you paid cash, didn't give a tel#, and tried to return items without a receipt. So you're unlucky, clueless, or a thief.

Since you say you spends $1000s at Lowes, unlucky is extremely, er, unlikely. If you're still following me, clueless is unlikely, too.

After all, your post uses good spelling and grammar, and this wouldn't happen if you're as dumb [oops, clueless] as you imply. So, sounds like to me you're a thief (or "scammer" if you prefer to obscure [look it up] what you are.


Go somewhere else then!!! Stop crying about a scam that didn't work!

Policies are in place for a reason. You need a MyLowe's card!!


Well said to the both of you!!! I work at lowes and my husband works for menards, and both places have the same policy!

we have ppl that come in and steal to get store credit so they can sell the gift card for cash, so grow up and get orginized. keep up with your reciepts,im sorry to say the dishonest ruin it for the rest of us


I have some news for you! Home Depot has the same policy for items without a receipt and so does my store Menards.

It's to protect against shoplifters who then try and return items for cash with out a receipt. You are now EDUCATED!


So you're mad because you don't get cash without a receipt? Is this a new revelation to you?

As long as you have a receipt or a telephone number to look up the order, then you shouldn't have this problem.

Grow a brain, bro. Home Depot would do the exact same thing.