Wilkesboro, North Carolina

On 3 separate occasions I purchased concrete at lowes and requested help to load products cause I,m disabled. Every time nobody helped.I,m going to sue them under The ADA.Don,t shop at lowes as they discriminate against the disabled,so I can imagine how they treat everybody else.Also today at lowes i yelled for help as every employee stood around like they were on break.

People who were standing in line felt the same way but would,nt speak up and demand service.That is why we go to the store for anyway. they should revamp customer service sign to,I,ll be with you when I feel like helping you.

Monetary Loss: $62.

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I work at lowes on the front end. If a customer needs help loading the cashier will page for someone to help.

It seems that you are a usual customer that likes to give attitude, no *** why people don't come running to help you. We have this one guy that comes in three times a week just to crack jokes and critique us personally. He told me that I was a hairy as gorilla, at least I had hair, the guy was bald, but anyways associates run away or pretend to be on the phone when they see him.

The point is think about it, name a place that will do what you want in quick matter, if u waited someone would have came. The best is when they say Home Depot is better, we don't have a home depot within 20 miles of us, go ahead make that trip.


Did you tell the cashier that you need help load your concrete??


Why are you buying concrete if you're disabled? If you can't even load it, what could you possibly do with it when you get it home?

You obviously would have to hire someone to do the work for you that requires concrete, so why not have the hired worker pick it up? Go ahead and sue.


Not one person mention race but you had to bring it up. You are not disable you are just plain lazy and a racist yourself.


I am very sorry to hear about how you were treated. I myself work with individuals that are disabled and feel your pain.

It saddens me that you could not get any help; however, a worker does not have to drop his or her priorities just to help you out. I would suggest bringing a family member or a friend that would make things a little bit easier.

Your attitude would be a little nicer and your overall experience with the worker would probably be tolerable. I hope that you plan to use the concrete yourself since you run a good chance of further injuring yourself and or getting stuck.


I think the most obvious response to this rant is this; If you are disabled and cannot load the concrete yourself, what the heck do you plan to do with it when you get home? Are you such a pariah that you don't have one friend that can help with this?

The ADA is not there to provide you with ADDITIONAL rights, it is there to make sure you receive the same treatment as everyone else and are not discriminated against. Sometimes, I need help. I call a friend or hire someone to help me. I don't threaten to sue people who don't offer to help.

Here's something else I am sure you never thought of, call ahead and ask the manager if he can arrange to have someone help you load what you buy.

Or arrange for delivery. It's called adapting to your environment.


This people commenting on my case against Lowes are just as racist and ignorant of The ADA.


You're disabled...I feel for you. I don't believe a word you're saying!

You're not entitled to a preferential treatment and the quicker you learn that the quicker your bitterness will leave! I get a feeling you expect the employees to stop helping the customers there with so they can get you out of the door.

Work on your patience and you'll find alot of doors being opened for you!. Have a great day


Perhaps no one wants to help you because of your attitude. Also do you expect people to drop what they are doing including helping other customers just to help you because you are disabled.

You only asked for help once and it is not discrimination just because you did not recieve help. You do not have a case.