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A few months ago I was told by Lowes that as a veteran, I could receive a discount. I told them I would be happy to provide a copy of my DD214 along with a copy of my drivers license.

This was not acceptable. I was then told that I'd have to provide a Veterans ID card which I had never heard of prior. I did some investigation online and found a veterans linked organization that provided such a card. There were two types of cards available one that needed a photo and one that didn't a a lesser price.

I purchased the VET ID after submitting the relevant information and received it in about two weeks. My next trip to Lowes I provided the card as they requested. I was refused the discount again because it did not have a photo. It was very humiliating!!

I served during the Vietnam War, their refusal was a slap in the face. The Lowes is located in the small town of Bartow, Florida.

In my opinion, Lowes dishonors those that serve or that have served. What a disgrace!

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So you realize that a document with no photo attached really is of no use for identification right. I mean if i walked around with my birth certificate and told them this was my ID they would laugh in my face.