Cookeville, Tennessee
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We have been loyal customers since 1998 and i have asked repeatedly for a lower interest rate. No deal they tell me and after screwing up our promo amount on our statement with our regular balance, i have had enough.

it is ridiculous that they get to charge 22.99% . Now i get different excuses as to why our pmt ballooned from $85 to $110 a month. every one at customer service gives a different reason and believe me i have talked to plenty with giving them some advice to go back to accounting school. As soon as we can we are paying off the balance and will never have another card from them again.

the customer service people overall are rude and very uncooperative even going so far as to hanging up when asked to speak to a supervisor. Very crummy indeed.

We don't have much of a choice in our town of going somewhere else, for some strange reason, hmmm !! home depot was knocked out of coming to our town.

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Are you talking about customer service at the store or at the credit card company? Store associates have nothing to do with the cards, including extending credit lines and APR's.