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Throughout home Reno, Lowe's has been my go to store. I served 8 years in the army reserve and have been granted a 10% discount on purchases for years because of it.

Today when about to purchase a little over $400 in goods, the lady tells me she cannot accept my ID because it is expired. It's been expired for over 5 years and now all of a sudden it is not valid? I even had the ignorant cashier girl call a manager over, to which another ignorant cashier girl came. Apologized but could not accept my ID.

I gave her the ultimatum: accept this as you always have, or lose thousands and my credit account. I left with a cut up Lowe's credit card (and made them wait as I called and cancelled the card in front of them). If this is the kind of service I have to work with, I'll gladly go to Menards full time.

-and not to mention the countless times attempting to purchase appliances.

I say attempt because there have been missed deliveries, missing parts, and nothing but excuses. Goodbye forever you overpriced ignorant box store.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Lowes is kind enough to offer active duty discounts. They dont have to.

Most competitors dont.

If your ID expired, thats on you. Not them.

Especially with all the fraud now.

Credit isn't on them either. Thats run by a bank.

Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States #1000214

So... the Lowe's in Schaumburg, IL closed years ago. I don't think Lowe's is the ignorant one here.


Are you a troll? You seem like a troll.....

Why are you calling cashiers ignorant? All they were doing was their job.... And Mr Troll why cry about a 10% military discount at Lowes then say your going to go to Menards who doesn't offer any military discount at all expired or not expired....... The credit card part is even more idi0tic, You do know a bank owns that card not Lowes!!!!!

Everyone always assumes these retail stores own these credit cards and make money off of them........... IT'S A BANK OWNED CARD ALL THE INTEREST GOES TO THE BANK.

Lowes only gains one thing guaranteed business. They're trying to provide you with a means to pay for something you can't afford in the first place.

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